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Repellent Guide is your ultimate source of information for deterring animal and insect pests of all kinds. Whether in your home or out on a camping trip we review the best products and natural ways to repel those potential pests in the safest and most humane way possible.

Repellents are designed to keep pests such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, rodents and other animals away from humans and the areas they inhabit. These pests are often more than just merely annoying, and can cause irreparable damage to property and can even cause serious health problems through bites, feces and contagious diseases.

Select your pest from the navigation or search options above. Important things to remember:

  1. Repellent Safety

    Top of your priorities should be the safety of your family, friends, kids and pets. Make sure you follow the correct usage of any repellents used and be especially wary of using poisons and chemicals in controlling pests. They may not only be unnecessary but also a danger to your loved ones.

  2. Use Natural Repellents

    Whenever possible use natural repellent techniques, these can vary from using physical barriers, scents and sounds that stop the pest becoming a problem. Through out our website we offer natural repellent tips and solutions. For example did you know that mosquitoes are attracted to dark colored clothing? simply wearing lighter colored clothing can be your first step to repelling them!

  3. Be Humane

    Don't forget that any animal or insect "pest" is simply doing what they were designed to do in nature. They are not deliberately acting as a pest. Treating all animals and insects humanely should be a priority, avoid any suffering and if possible choose a method repel them with no harm what so ever.

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