Cat Repellents

The need to deter cats from certain areas is common whether they are your own cats or just from your neighborhood. Cat poop is a common problem should a cat include your garden as part of "their" territory. The following articles will guide you through the best steps for your particularly case.

  • Best cat repellent reviews

    Cats from your neighbors gardens can be a nuisance for a variety of reasons. Find out about safe and humane ways to keep them off your property.

  • How to stop cats pooping in my garden

    Naturally cats from your neigborhood often treat your garden as part of their territory and unfortunately this includes occasionally pooping in your garden.

  • Indoor cat repellents

    Controlling where your cat ventures in your own home can be a nightmare if they have the habit of venturing on dangerous kitchen surfaces or threaten some of you prized ornaments.

  • Natural Cat Repellents

    There are several DIY and natural cat deterrents you could try if you want to avoid buying a repeller.