Dog Repellents

Dogs from your neighborhood may enjoy digging or pooping on your yard or lawn. Our guide will show you how to prevent them leaving unwelcome presents on your lawn.

  • Best Dog Repellent Reviews

    Dogs are a much-loved household pet and are known for their loyalty and generally friendly demeanor. However, they are also known for being mischievous.

  • Citronella Collars

    Are you suffering because your own or a neighbors dog is barking incessantly? then a citronella collar may be the solution.

  • Citronella Spray

    If your own dog occasionally has aggressive habits or you regularly meet aggressive dogs in public you may consider using a citronella spray to control them.

  • Natural Dog Repellents

    There are some natural and home made dog repellents you can try, generally these produce scents that dogs dislike. If you are lucky then they will dislike them enough to keep away!