Raccoon and Skunk Repellents

Raccoons and Skunks are increasingly in contact with humans in urban environments, you may want to deter them from your back yard or garden. Here we give tips on the best way to keep them away.

  • Are Raccoons Dangerous?

    As with any animal, it is necessary to determine what “dangerous” means. Obviously, some animals – specifically wild ones – are going to be more “dangerous” to humans and other animals than, say, our family dog. But raccoons are unique in assessing their danger to humans and human society.

  • Best Raccoon Repellents

    Raccoons are a natural scavenger. While they do not typically enter a house, they will rip into garbage cans or even tear the singles off of a rooftop in search of insects or other things to eat.

  • Skunk Repellents

    Skunks are a general nuisance and can pose a number of problems for humans. While skunks are naturally afraid of humans, they will risk human contact to explore garbage cans and other food areas in search of a meal.

  • Using Raccoon Repellents and Deterrents

    To homeowners worldwide, finding effective raccoon repellents and deterrents would be like manna from the heavens. Those little creatures are a real handful for even the most savvy of home owners.