Contech Stayaway

Auto Pet Deterrent Warning Sound Motion Sensor

The Contech Stayaway is an indoor cat repeller, used to keep your cats away from certain areas such as furniture, plants and electronics. The repeller is triggerd by a motion sensor that has a short range of 3 feet (1 metre), so it is only activated when your cat is very close to it. Then it releases a harmless burst of compressed air and a warning sound. You can adjust the vertical angle of the motion sensor for best results. To conserve the compressed air canister you may disable the spray and just use the warning sound once your cat has been trained to keep away and only enable the spray again if the cat is no longer scared by the warning sound.

The spray is simply safe compressed air with no chemicals or scent. The canister is good for 200 sprays and after that will need replacing. Our users report the device is very effective and simple to use, once a cat is trained to keep away from an area they will naturally avoid triggering the deterrent.

Generally the Contech Stayaway is for indoors only, but in the warmer summer months could used on patios and other protected areas.

Be aware that the spray is not very safe for small children, a spray at very close proximity is cold enough to cause frostbite to the skin or eyes.

If you wish to increase your coverage area then periodically move the StayAway a few feet from its original location. This way your cat will learn to avoid a wider area.

We highly recommend the Stayaway as probably the best indoor repeller available. The only negative is the need to buy replacement air canisters once in a while.

Ease of use: 8
Value for money: 8
Performance: 9
Score: 8.3
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