Using Effective Fly Repellents

A guide to keeping flies away with natural and homemade deterrents.

By Jess Simmonds, Expert Reviewer for Repellent Guide

published: Aug 01, 2017 | updated: Aug 01, 2017

So you are hanging out in the backyard enjoying all the wonders of nature only to be interrupted by those darn flies. Everybody practically considers flies a nuisance, however, what most people don't understand is that flies are more than just mere nuisance, they are also carriers of extremely deadly diseases. Over 100,000 species of flies have been documented up to date, with surely more to be discovered with the power to carry other dangerous diseases too. The habitat and way of life for flies make them ideally suited for spreading diseases. Restless flies can fly from the trash dump right into your food at a moment's notice. They are attracted to the food by its sense of smell, however they can't digest solid food. When they reach the food, they vomit on the solid food and create a solution of it, then suck it, thus contaminating the food. Flies can they infest meat and other food items, some of their species also spread food poisoning bacteria like Salmonella enteritidis. They are also responsible for spreading some other diseases like diarrhea and dysentery, cholera, conjunctivitis, anthrax and tuberculosis. They are also known to transmit the eggs of parasitic worms. Some sand flies present in South America, Africa and Europe are carriers of a micro-organism responsible for a disease that eats away the human skin known as Leishmaniasis. This article offers some fly repellents and how to use them effectively to protect yourself and your family.

Using fly repellent oils

There are effective fly repellent oils with a long track record of delivering solid results to combat your fly problems. Natural oils like Lavender oil, Citronella oil, Eucalyptus oil, Pennyroyal oil, Lemongrass oil and Peppermint oil. You can make an essential oil blend to help keep them away. These oils also work wonders to ward off mosquitoes and other pests. Essential oils can be found at health food stores or ordered in bulk online. You can use 100 drops of the same oil or a blend. It's a great idea to experiment, trial and error gets you to your ideal solution.

Using Vodka Bags

It's common knowledge that for some reason flies detest Vodka. They just cannot bear its smell and therefore some people use vodka bags to fight off the flies. If you are going to be working out in the backyard for a long period of time, you may want to apply some vodka on your skin (uncovered parts only) to keep flies at a distance, but do this only if you are comfortable with it.

Bag of pennies

A disclaimer comes with this strategy, but many people have sworn to its success, it has even developed a buzz among social media networks. You may have even visited a re visited a restaurant and observed clear, water-filled bags hanging on the doors or cinched up in the outdoor dining area. It may seem a strange sight indeed, but now you know, a bag of pennies supposedly does the trick. These bag of pennies are said to drive flies away. As a result, many people have begun experimenting for themselves, you may see these bags of pennies hanging outside homes, businesses and even in barns.

Whether urban myth or not, it's worth discovering for yourself. As long as it seems to work effectively for others who are willing to share online, makes it worth delving deeper into. There are various takes on the bag of pennies technique. Some people use the bag with flakes of floating tin foil; others insist on a single penny. Some industrious folks have even capitalized on this idea commercially, they are selling specially designed water bags to be utilized as fly repellents.

Using some Cloves

Flies do not like the smell of cloves, so keeping 10-15 cloves on your dining table or outside patio area can help keep flies away. Alternatively, you could also try using clove oil as it may be even more effective than solid cloves.

Creating your own fly repellent lotion

Mix ½ cup hazel, ½ cup apple cider vinegar and 30-60 drops of eucalyptus oil in a bottle and then shake the mixture really well. Next try applying this lotion on uncovered portions of your body. Please be careful not to allow this lotion to enter your eyes or mouth. Basil Plant Using certain herbs can be effective in warding off flies who can't stand the odor of certain aromatic plants. These plants like elder, basil, lavender and mint can help assist in the battle against flies. You may want to try these herbs in your garden or use them indoors as potted plants in your living room to deter flies.

Baby Shampoo and Cooking Oil

In trying to contain whiteflies especially on your plants, people have raved about the success of creating a mixture of one part cooking oil and one part baby shampoo with water. It's said that mixing the ingredients together thoroughly before applying it to both sides of the plant’s leaves really works wonders. In order to avoid scalding, never apply the homemade repellent on sunny days. You can also check the plant’s reaction by spraying a small amount on a single leaf before an all-over application.

Sassafras and Vegetable Oil

Blackflies usually attack relentlessly with a painless bite that unfortunately leaves behind an itchy welt. For a blackfly repellent that's safe for use on skin and clothing, try combining 10 drops of sassafras essential oil, olive oil and aloe vera gel in a small container. To protect yourself before heading outdoors, consider dabbing a small amount on your skin and clothing. If for use only on the lawn, omit the aloe vera, and spray lightly on just the plants and grass.

Using smoke

Flies do not like smoke, or should we say, they in fact hate it. Therefore it behooves you to try some kind of citronella candles to get rid of flies quickly. Be aware that this method also contributes to air pollution, therefore proceed wisely.

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