Best Squirrel Repellents

By Jess Simmonds, Expert Reviewer for Repellent Guide

published: May 05, 2018 | updated: Jul 08, 2018

Squirrels typically like to live in trees and do not often enter the home to bother humans. Naturally afraid of humans and their animals, a squirrel would rather stay outdoors, however they may be occasions when a squirrel will get into the house and cause trouble. At times, they can be found in attics and in the eaves of a house.

A squirrel repellent made from natural ingredients may work to keep squirrels away from the house by using smells that either scare squirrels or are too strong for them to tolerate, however there are many people, especially professional wild life control people, who do not think these methods work. They may work temporarily.

However, or for a short period of time and may be useful in repelling squirrels while you use another method to shut them out of the house completely. Ammonia and pepper are two scents that squirrels find intolerable. You may decide to soak certain cloths in ammonia and place them in areas where squirrels will enter or nest in the home or place pantyhose or cheese cloth that has been filled with pepper in those areas. These are most likely only a temporary fix, however.

If the event that you are successful in repelling squirrels out of your home, the next step should be prevention. Preventing squirrels and other small creates from entering the house at all is the best squirrel repellent method to keep them out later on. Cover up any holes that may grant access to squirrels who want to come inside.

Nailing small pieces of metal, such as the top of a can, will prevent them from chewing into any natural materials and making a new hole for themselves. Some squirrels can be remarkably persistent. If you are not sure where the holes are, take a close look around the outside of your house, especially very low to the ground and higher up, near the rooftops. These are common places a squirrel many find an access hole.

Also, at night, turn on any lights in the basement and attic and look outside for places the light shines through. Then, cover these holes with metal pieces, however make sure all the squirrels are out of the house or they will simply nest there and get into your food.

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