Stem Natural Ant Killer Spray Review

Plant-Based Active Ingredient

By Simon Lockwood, Expert Reviewer for Repellent Guide

published: Sep 01, 2023 | updated: Sep 01, 2023

Being an integral part of the Repellent Guide team, my mission is to delve deep into repellents that offer a harmonious blend of effectiveness, safety, and environmental consciousness. The STEM Natural Ant Killer Spray, with its intriguing mantra of being "Rooted in Nature, Optimized by Science," naturally piqued my interest, beckoning a thorough examination.

Product Description

STEM Natural Ant Killer Spray emerges as a beacon of hope for those seeking eco-friendly solutions to their pest problems. This botanical-based insect killer uses the inherent strength of ingredients like Geraniol and Lemongrass Oil to fend off common household menaces like ants, roaches, and flies. Crafted for both the interiors of our homes and the great outdoors, this product prides itself on being safe for both human and pet interactions. Beyond its efficacy, it's commendable that STEM has conscientiously omitted the inclusion of abrasive chemicals, dyes, and strong fragrances.

Personal Experience

1. Application and Efficacy:
Eager to put the product to the test, I targeted my garden shed, a notorious hub for ant activity during the sultry summer months. Upon application, I observed ants displaying signs of clear disorientation. They didn’t keel over instantly, as seen with some potent chemical repellents, but their dwindling activity levels in the subsequent hours spoke volumes about the spray's efficacy. By sunset, the trail of ants near the treated zones had drastically diminished.

2. The Scent Experience:
One of the first things that struck me was the spray's aroma. It enveloped the air with a botanical scent, transporting me momentarily to vast fields of lemongrass. While I reveled in this olfactory experience, I can see how it might be a tad overpowering for some, especially when juxtaposed with the traditionally stark chemical odors we associate with repellents.

3. Residue:
The spray's Achilles heel, in my opinion, is the oily aftermath it leaves behind. A lesson was learned the hard way when I unintentionally sprayed a bit on my wooden patio table, which then demanded a thorough wipe-down. Users should tread with caution, particularly on surfaces that might become slippery or areas frequented by children and pets.

Feedback from the Repellent Guide Team

  • Scientific Appeal: Sarah, our team's research biologist, delved into the scientific literature surrounding the product. She elucidated the neural implications of geraniol on insects, emphasizing its non-toxicity to humans. Her only gripe? The mineral oil base. Cleaning became an unforeseen workout, according to her.

  • Rapid Results: Tim, who had been battling a relentless ant invasion in his kitchen, was elated at the spray's swift action. He recalled how, within a mere day post-application, his kitchen was nearly ant-free, dubbing the experience "nothing short of miraculous."

  • Smell and Residue: Jane echoed my sentiments about the fragrance, likening it to a "fresh morning in a verdant meadow." However, she too voiced concerns about the residue, recounting a minor slip incident when she stepped on a freshly sprayed patch on her tiled kitchen floor.

  • Safety First: Mike, a father to two young adventurers, had his priorities set on safety. His relief was palpable when he shared how he could let his kids play without the looming threat of chemical exposure. He did, however, set up a mini barrier around the sprayed areas, wary of the slick residue.


STEM Natural Ant Killer Spray positions itself as a formidable ally in the quest for environmentally considerate pest solutions. Its blend of efficacy and aromatic pleasure makes it a standout, though potential users must be mindful of the residue. For those seeking an eco-friendly weapon in their ant-combat arsenal, this product warrants serious consideration.

Ease of use: 8.5
Value for money: 8.5
Performance: 8
Score: 8.3
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