Bird B Gone Enviro-Spike Bird Spike Review

See-Thru Bird Spikes 10ft

By Craig Basset, Expert Reviewer for Repellent Guide

published: Sep 02, 2023 | updated: Sep 02, 2023

The challenge of managing perching birds in spaces such as patios, rooftops, and ledges is a common one, and at Repellent Guide, we aim to scrutinize solutions that address this. With the Bird B Gone Enviro-Spike Bird Spikes, we endeavored to find out if this product lives up to its claims of providing a low-profile permanent solution to deter birds.

Product Description

The Bird B Gone Enviro-Spike Bird Spikes is a clear plastic solution aimed at deterring perching pigeons, seagulls, and similar-sized birds. Manufactured in the USA using UV stabilized plastic, these spikes are pre-assembled and ready for installation upon purchase. Their versatile design allows for installation via glue, screws, or tying them down, making them suitable for a wide array of surfaces. The 10ft box contains five 2ft strips, ensuring a comprehensive coverage area.

Personal Experience and Testing Methodology

1. Installation Ease:
On receiving the product, the first observation was the pre-drilled holes which indeed facilitated a quick and hassle-free installation. For our test, we installed them in various challenging areas including ledges, rooftops, and windowsills. Given their flexibility, we could effortlessly adjust them to the required size using a wire cutter.

2. Immediate Impact:
Once installed in a patio frequented by barn swallows, there was a noticeable decline in their presence. Previous makeshift solutions, like screen rectangles, were not only less effective but also visually unappealing. The Enviro-Spike, on the other hand, seamlessly blended with the surroundings.

3. Long-term Efficacy:
The spikes were effective against swallows under a porch that previously showcased aggressive territorial behavior. However, certain birds, with a bit of ingenuity, managed to hover over and nest, suggesting that a slightly taller design might offer enhanced deterrence.

4. Aesthetics and Versatility:
One of the standout features of the Enviro-Spike Bird Spikes is their nearly invisible profile. Whether installed on pergolas or main rails, their inconspicuous nature ensures they don't detract from the aesthetics of the space. Moreover, their ability to deter birds like robins, notorious for their nesting habits, speaks volumes about their efficiency.

Feedback from the Repellent Guide Team

  • Attractive Solution: One of the team members who had struggled with barn swallows on patio columns found the Enviro-Spike to be not only effective but also a much more attractive solution compared to previous makeshift methods.

  • Immediate Results: Another member installed the spikes to deter territorial swallows from nesting under their porch. The immediate decline in bird activity and the absence of bird droppings near the entrance were notable positive outcomes.

  • Height Considerations: However, there was feedback suggesting the spikes could benefit from a bit more height. Some birds managed to nest despite the spikes, indicating room for design improvements.

  • Recommendation for Looks and Efficiency: For those with pergolas, the spikes were a hit. Their inconspicuous nature combined with their efficiency in deterring birds like robins earned them a hearty recommendation.


Bird B Gone Enviro-Spike Bird Spikes present an effective and aesthetically pleasing solution for deterring perching birds. Their easy installation, versatility, and near-invisible profile make them a valuable asset in bird control. While there's room for improvement in terms of height to deter all birds, their overall performance is commendable.

Ease of use: 7
Value for money: 9
Performance: 9
Score: 8.3
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