Best Moth Repellents

By Simon Lockwood, Expert Reviewer for Repellent Guide

published: Feb 05, 2018 | updated: Feb 08, 2018

The first sign of a Moth problem may be holes in your favorite shirt or you they may swarm around your house during the night. Certain types of moths are attracted to different things in the home, but they all destroy or corrupt a number of items, usually those in storage, such as clothing and food. The types of moths that will invade home spaces are not the same ones that can be found hovering around lights at night. Instead these household moths prefer the darkness and will often hide in the seams of clothing, blankets and linings. Moths that like to live among fibers have larvae that pose the greatest threat to the destruction of products that are animal-based such as cashmere, silk, wool, felt and suede.

Herbal sachets can be used as a moth repellent and are not as strong smelling as traditional moth balls. They will protect clothes, linens and other storable items up to a certain amount of time, usually a few months and can contain lavender, rosemary, mint, cedar chips and other natural ingredients. As part of a moth repellent regime, wrap up these strong, but pleasant smelling ingredients and place them in dresser drawers or storage bins where clothes and other fabrics will be kept for a long period of time.

Household moths do not like the strong scent of cedar, so one way to repel them could be to replace traditional plastic or wire hangers with the more expensive ones or to store items in a cedar-lined chest. There are a number of moth repellents that can be safely sprayed directly onto clothing, but make sure that the moth repellent spray can be used on every type of clothing as some more delicate fabrics may naturally absorb stains, such as silk and cashmere.

The best and most effective type of moth repellent is the method of prevention. Keeping moths out will help preserve clothing and other stored items much better than having to go through closet, drawers and bins to try and find moths and their larvae, which can be so small they are almost impossible to find. Moth resistant clothing covers may also be purchased for stored items.

Chemical sprays will also work as a moth repellent are usually odorless, however, these work more like and insecticide and should be used with caution and according to the instructions.

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