Killamoth Cedar and Lavender Moth Repellent Sachets Review

for Wardrobes Closets and Drawers

By Simon Lockwood, Expert Reviewer for Repellent Guide

published: Sep 01, 2023 | updated: Sep 01, 2023

The battle against moths, especially in our closets and storage areas, is one many of us know too well. Moths can be a bane, causing damage to our clothes and fabrics. Killamoth's Cedar and Lavender sachets present a solution that aims to repel these pesky invaders while leaving a delightful aroma. As a member of the Repellent Guide team, I've tested these sachets to determine their efficacy against moths and provide an in-depth review.

Product Description

Killamoth Cedar and Lavender sachets are designed to be an all-natural, moth-repelling solution that's both family and pet-safe. With USA-grown cedar combined with top-notch lavender, these sachets aim to deter moths and provide a fragrant environment. They come in sachet bags, ready for immediate use in closets, drawers, or storage areas.

Personal Experience

Upon receiving the sachets, the first thing that struck me was the aromatic blend of cedar and lavender. After placing them in my closet and storage areas, here's what I observed:

1. Aroma: The scent was pleasant, with the calming touch of lavender complemented by the robust cedar. The aroma was strong enough to be noticed but not overpowering.

2. Effectiveness Against Moths: During the weeks of testing, I observed a notable decrease in moth activity in areas where the sachets were placed. Clothes that were previously moth-prone remained undisturbed, suggesting that the sachets were working their magic.

3. Packaging: The white sachets were sturdy and reliable. However, the purple bags posed a challenge, as some came untied, leading to a minor spill of contents. This was a minor hiccup in an otherwise smooth experience.

Feedback from the Repellent Guide Team

Collective observations from the team included:

1. Smell: The team was unanimous in praising the sachets' aroma, highlighting its dual benefit of repelling moths and adding a pleasant scent.

2. Ease of Use: The sachets were straightforward to use, with the rubbing activation being a unique touch that ensured the scent was fresh upon placement.

3. Packaging Concerns: Some team members echoed the issues with the purple sachets coming untied or leaking. Careful handling is advised.

4. Moth Repellence: Team members who had previous moth problems reported a significant reduction in moth sightings and fabric damage.


Killamoth's Cedar and Lavender sachets deliver on their promise to repel moths while also enhancing the ambiance of storage areas. While they may not be the sole solution to a severe moth infestation, they're an excellent preventive measure and work well in tandem with other moth-repelling methods. The minor packaging concerns with the purple sachets are overshadowed by the product's overall effectiveness and aromatic pleasure. If moths have been a concern, these sachets are certainly worth considering.

Ease of use: 9
Value for money: 9
Performance: 8
Score: 8.7
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