Predator Guard

By Craig Basset, Expert Reviewer for Repellent Guide

published: Mar 15, 2017 | updated: Aug 25, 2023

I have a confession: I've been at war with raccoons for a while. Every evening, these crafty creatures would explore my yard, seemingly mocking my attempts at keeping them at bay. My trash cans have been their favorite haunt, and no matter what I tried, they seemed undeterred. Then came the Predator Guard LED Animal Repeller, and it turned the tables in my favor.

Firstly, the concept is pure genius. The Predator Guard uses bright LED lights that imitate the eyes of a larger predator. And as the product claims, this taps into the inherent flight response of nocturnal animals. To a raccoon or skunk, these lights look like a bigger, fiercer predator staring them down, making them skedaddle in no time.

Setting up the device was straightforward, and I really appreciated the clear steps provided. I began by ensuring there weren't any easy sources of food left in the yard. Pet food, fallen fruits, even the occasional leftover on the patio – I made sure to keep it all clean. The instructions on securing the area resonated well with me; I've had raccoons revisit my trash cans because they knew they could get inside. This time, I secured them with tie-downs.

Installation was a breeze. I loved that the unit could be easily mounted on almost any surface. I have both wooden fences and some metal surfaces in my yard. Using screws for the former and the unit's internal magnets for the latter, I was able to set up four repellers to achieve a full 360-degree coverage. Considering each unit covers a 90-degree area and offers protection for up to half a mile, I felt like I had my yard enveloped in a protective fortress.

The solar-powered feature was a major plus. I strategically positioned the Predator Guard units in areas that got ample sunlight during the day. By ensuring each device received around 4 to 5 hours of sunlight, I was confident of their night-time operation.

The results? Remarkable! The nightly raccoon incursions became a thing of the past. My trash cans remained untouched, my garden unexplored, and I could finally enjoy my outdoor space without the remnants of their nightly escapades.

In conclusion, if you're battling with raccoons or other nocturnal creatures, I can't recommend the Predator Guard LED Animal Repeller enough. It's been a game-changer for me, a reliable, eco-friendly, and, most importantly, effective solution to a persistent problem.

Ease of use: 10
Value for money: 8
Performance: 9
Score: 9
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