Best Spider Repellents

By Jess Simmonds, Expert Reviewer for Repellent Guide

published: May 05, 2018 | updated: Jul 08, 2018

Spiders are a critical part of the natural food chain and also help control the populations of flies, moths and many other insects that may reside in and around the home. However, at times, they can grow to overwhelming numbers and get into places that humans would rather they stay away from. While not all species of spiders are aggressive or poisonous, there are many that will bite humans and leave irritate, swollen bumps, much like mosquito bites, on the body.

Some bites that occur on or near the face can cause unsightly swelling and terrible itching. There are cases of non-poisonous spider bites that have also cause anaphylaxis, a condition that attacks the respiratory system and can lead to death. Many people don't mind a few scattered spiders, but in the event you have a genuine infestation, it will need to use the power of a spider repellent to take care of the problem.

Spiders like to nest in areas that will provide them with a good supply of shelter and food, such as open waters where insects breed and tall grasses. At times, spiders may accidentally enter a home after being blown towards the house from an open field. From there, they will often find bugs in abundant supply and take up residence. One spider repellent method is to rid the home or severely reduce the number of bugs in and around the house. This will force spiders to relocate and find food elsewhere.

Certain oils and chemical mixtures can be used to keep spiders away from the house. While an exterminator will eliminate a spider problem, they will also spray chemicals that prevent spiders from coming into the house. These sprays are usually highly toxic and are sprayed around the foundations of the house as well as in any cracks and crevices where spiders can enter the house.

New ultrasonic and electromagnetic plug in repellers offer an easy solution for around the home. We review several such spider repellers.

Some people believe that keeping Osage-oranges around the home will repel spiders away; however, spiders are not typically manipulated by scents and will most likely not be deterred from approaching homes with Osage-oranges around. In fact, many spiders make webs in fruit trees and as such are not too scared of fruit. You actually may inadvertently end up attracting them or even worse, attracting the bugs that they love to eat.

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