Kate's Home & Garden Spider Repellent Spray Review

for Home and Kitchen with Peppermint Oil & Cedarwood Oil

By Craig Basset, Expert Reviewer for Repellent Guide

published: Aug 30, 2023 | updated: Aug 30, 2023

When the Repellent Guide team received Kate's Home & Garden Spider Repellent Spray, there was a mix of excitement and skepticism. As a dedicated reviewer for Repellent Guide, I took it upon myself to thoroughly test this product and draw from the collective experiences of our team. Let's delve into the details.

First Impressions:

Upon unboxing, the packaging was secure, ensuring no spillage. The spray bottle design is ergonomic and promises ease of use. The label prominently highlights its natural, plant-based ingredients, with peppermint oil as the star.

Test Setup:

For a holistic understanding, I:

  1. Sprayed along the baseboards of my living room and bedroom.
  2. Targeted the bathroom, especially corners and behind the toilet.
  3. Applied to the windows and doorways, especially those leading to my garden.
  4. Used it as an additive in mopping water for my kitchen and balcony.


  • Natural Ingredient: Peppermint oil, with its bright minty scent, is the primary repelling agent. While pleasant for us, it's repugnant to spiders and pests.
  • Versatility: The spray is formulated for diverse use - from indoor spaces like living rooms and bathrooms to outdoor areas such as gardens and patios.
  • Safety: Emphasizing natural ingredients ensures that it's safe for families, including pets and children.
  • Ease of Use: The spray nozzle is efficient, covering a good area with each press. The fluidity is apt, neither too runny nor too thick.

Team Feedback & Personal Findings:

Drawing from our team's experiences and my own:

  1. Immediate Results: One of our team members recounted an almost instantaneous result, witnessing a spider's demise right after spraying. This was quite a surprise for us!
  2. Scent: The peppermint scent is potent upon initial spray, but it mellows down after a while, leaving a refreshing aroma. Most of our team, including myself, found it pleasant, though a tad overpowering initially.
  3. Duration: While one team member recommended weekly applications, I noticed its efficacy lasted a bit longer in my indoor spaces. However, for outdoor areas, more frequent reapplications might be needed.
  4. Versatility in Use: A creative team member even added it to their mopping water, which not only kept spiders at bay but left a fresh scent after cleaning.
  5. Effectiveness: Here's where opinions diverged. While a majority of our team noticed a significant reduction in spiders, one of our reviewers found no change in spider activity, especially with wolf spiders in her space.


Kate's Home & Garden Spider Repellent Spray delivers on many of its promises. It's a pleasant-smelling, easy-to-use product that offers a natural solution against spiders. While it worked wonders for many, there were instances where its effectiveness was questioned. Therefore, while I'd recommend giving this product a shot, it might be beneficial to pair it with other repellent strategies for comprehensive protection.

For those who appreciate natural, pleasant-smelling repellents and are battling spider invasions, this spray could be a worthy addition to their arsenal. But as always, a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works in pest control, so individual experiences might vary.

Ease of use: 8
Value for money: 8
Performance: 8
Score: 8
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