Sabre Frontiersman Bear Attack Deterrent

By Craig Basset, Expert Reviewer for Repellent Guide

published: Mar 15, 2017 | updated: Aug 25, 2023

As an outdoor enthusiast, I've always been attracted to the serene beauty of the wild. The tranquility, however, is often paired with the knowledge that nature isn't just serene landscapes; it also entails encounters with wildlife. One such encounter made me realize the significance of being prepared, especially in bear country.

A couple of years ago, while hiking in Montana, I had my first unnerving experience with a bear. The beast was massive, and though it initially seemed to mind its own business, its curiosity led it closer to me. My heart raced. I remembered the SABRE Frontiersman Bear Spray I had packed just for such emergencies.

I had chosen the Frontiersman based on its impressive specifications. The range of 35-feet immediately appealed to me. This was not just a random pick from the shelf; the distance it promised was notably more than many other repellents I had researched. This meant I could potentially deter a threat without getting dangerously close.

That fateful day, as the bear took a few steps towards me, I unholstered the canister, which was easily accessible thanks to the Frontiersman Belt Holster. No fumbling, no anxiety-driven clumsiness; the design ensured quick deployment. As I aimed and pressed, a heavy fog emerged, creating a sizable barrier between me and the bear. The reaction was immediate. The bear halted, looking disoriented and after what felt like an eternity (but was probably just a few seconds), it retreated. I let out the breath I didn't know I was holding.

Beyond its effective deterrence, what really stands out for me about this spray is its impressive volume per burst. I later learned that it delivers up to 84% more than other brands. That's significant and offers a greater sense of safety, knowing that it doesn’t skimp on the barrier between you and a potentially aggressive animal.

The SABRE brand itself has a longstanding reputation, and I've always been a proponent of their pepper sprays. Finding out that they were the brains behind the Frontiersman made the purchase a no-brainer. The fact that it's made in the U.S.A and is a product of over 45 years of expertise in manufacturing pepper spray only adds to the trust.

My close encounter in Montana was a turning point. It taught me the value of preparation, and how the right gear, like the SABRE Frontiersman Bear Spray, can make all the difference. While I hope never to be in such a situation again, it's reassuring to know that if I am, I have a reliable companion at my side. To anyone exploring the wild, especially bear territories, I can't stress enough the importance of carrying this spray. It's compact, efficient, and could very well be the difference between a memorable adventure and a harrowing ordeal.

Ease of use: 9
Value for money: 9
Performance: 9.6
Score: 9.2
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