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By Craig Basset, Expert Reviewer for Repellent Guide

published: Mar 15, 2017 | updated: Aug 25, 2023

After experiencing many ocean adventures and constantly searching for a suitable protective lotion, I chanced upon the Safe Sea lotion. Safe Sea claims to be a protective shield against jellyfish, sea lice, sea nettles, and various ocean stingers. Here's my experience using the product:

  1. Sun Protection: I've always been sensitive to the sun, and it's as if I burn just thinking about it. During a recent week-long beach trip to Florida, I relied solely on Safe Sea. To my delight, I returned home with my original pale complexion intact. The lotion not only promised sun protection but genuinely delivered it.

  2. Jellyfish Protection: On another trip, specifically to an ocean cay marine reserve, I was wary of the many jellyfish sightings in the lagoon. Having applied Safe Sea as directed, I confidently enjoyed my time in the water and left without a single jellyfish sting. However, a family member used the product for her grandchild on a trip to the Atlantic. Despite proper application, the child got a nasty sting after 30-40 minutes, raising concerns about the duration of its effectiveness.

  3. Texture & Application: The lotion is not oily, which is a bonus for those who dislike greasy sunscreens. It blended in quite seamlessly on my sensitive skin without any adverse reactions. However, the lotion does require a bit of effort to absorb fully. Proper rubbing and regular reapplication as directed are essential for optimal protection.

  4. Environmental Impact: As an environmentally conscious individual, the fact that the bottle is biodegradable and designed to be non-toxic for marine life adds significant value. It's comforting to think that while I'm protecting myself, I'm not harming the oceanic ecosystem.

  5. Additional Benefits: Not only did it protect me from potential stingers, but it also seemed to deter sea lice. While I can't definitively say if there were any sea lice present during my outings, the peace of mind it provided was reassuring.

  6. Scent & Feel: I appreciated the neutral smell, especially given how many sunscreens have an overpowering scent. Also, it was gentle enough for my sensitive skin, making it suitable for various skin types.

In conclusion, Safe Sea offers a dual protection mechanism against both sunburn and sea creatures, especially when used correctly. While it's essential to remember that no lotion can guarantee 100% protection against nature's unpredictability, this lotion comes close. I would recommend it to frequent beachgoers, especially those in jellyfish-prone areas. Just remember to apply it thoroughly and reapply as needed. Safe Sea has now become my family's go-to brand, from beach trips to sports practices.

Ease of use: 8
Value for money: 9
Performance: 8
Score: 8.3
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