Liquid Fence Rabbit Repellent Concentrate

A Garden Game-Changer!

By Craig Basset, Expert Reviewer for Repellent Guide

published: Mar 15, 2017 | updated: Aug 25, 2023

I recently introduced the Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent to my gardening arsenal and the results? Impressively effective! Here's a detailed rundown of my experience:

  • The Science Behind the Solution: What initially caught my attention about this product was the fact that it harnesses nature's own defense mechanisms. Animals instinctively avoid certain aromas and tastes. This repellent is crafted with putrescent egg solids and garlic - both known to deter these foraging animals before they even consider making a meal of your garden.

  • Ease of Application: The application process is straightforward. For best results, it's recommended to spray on dry vegetation. Beware of applying on wet leaves or just before rainfall, as this can dilute the formula. In most cases, giving it a window of 5-6 hours to dry is sufficient.

  • Winter-Friendly: Living in a region where deer and rabbits are active year-round, I found it reassuring that Liquid Fence can be used during the winter, as long as temperatures don't dip below freezing. Just ensure there’s no snow cover when you apply.

  • Odor Concerns? Initially, the product does have a noticeable scent, but it dissipates once dry, becoming imperceptible to us but still powerful enough to deter the animals. And yes, it does continue working even if you can't smell it!

  • No Need for Rotation: A common query is whether there's a need to rotate this repellent with other products. From my experience and the manufacturer's assurance, the natural aversion to Liquid Fence's active ingredients remains consistent, eliminating the need for any rotation.

In conclusion, if you're seeking an effective, naturally derived repellent for deer and rabbits, the Liquid Fence product is certainly worth a try. It’s practical, potent, and built on an understanding of nature's own defense mechanisms.

Ease of use: 8.5
Value for money: 9
Performance: 7.5
Score: 8.3
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