Defenders Jet Spray Repeller

The Defenders Jet Spray repeller automatically deters cats and other animals by releasing a water jet in their direction when they trigger the motion sensor. Like other water jet repellers the range can be from 1 to 3 metres depending on the water pressue where you live. Cheaper than the Contech Scarecrow, it performs the similarly though we preferred the build quality of the Contech.

We found the range adjuster had little or no affect, and the range will simply depend on your water pressure. The unit is simple to set up if your hose is already available. There is no way to turn the repeller off with out turning off your hose pipe or pulling out the repeller's batteries.

The Defenders Jet Spray does the job and is an effective deterrent but we recommend the more expensive and better constructed Contech Scarecrow.

Ease of use: 7
Value for money: 8
Performance: 8.7
Score: 7.9
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